Gallery: ArtWARENESS 2013 preview - PHOTO OP - Alternative Press




Gallery: ArtWARENESS 2013 preview

September 09 2013, 6:11 PM EDT Cassie Whitt Photographer:

  • "Cactus Flower" by Adrianna Hanley (12 x 12)
  • "We Have Each Other" by Andy Mrotek (The Animal Upstairs, The Academy Is...) [11 x 11]
  • "The Sea Is No Place For Shrimps" by Aaron "Okpants" Sechrist (18 x 24)
  • "AMFAD SET 1" by ABC KILLS (11 x 14)
  • "AMFAD SET 1" by ABC KILLS (11 x 14)
  • "SKULL #3" by ABC KILLS (12 x 16)
  • "Live at Warped Tour (By Amanda Fotes)" by Bring Me The Horizon (11 x 17)
  • "The Suicide Sign Original" by Carlos Navarro
  • "Our Times" by Daniel Hickey (20.5 x 14)
  • "Quietus" by Daniel Hickey (16 x 20)
  • "Subject Matters" by Daniel Hickey (13 x 18)
  • Dark matter/Lawrence Arms Coffee screen print / coffee & mix tape by Chris from the L. Arms | By: Ben Erza/Katie Ivanova and Dark Matter Coffee
  • "Inside" by David Mendieta (11 x 14)
  • "Circles" by DMNOLOGY (20 x 20)
  • "Rancid/Transplants" #347/525 by Ernie Parada (18 x 24)
  • "The Blackest Beautiful" (Artwork for Letlive."The Blackest Beautiful" LP on canvas) by Jon Weiner (12 x 12)
  • "Chicago Hope Flag" by Jim Riggs (34.5 x 30)
  • "Games 1 - Retro Game Boy/Retro Let There Be Nintendo" by John Michael Lennon
  • "Games 2 - Retro Super Nintendo/ Retro Controller" by John Michael Lennon
  • "At The Ready" by Justin Santora (18 x 24)
  • "Bign" by Justin Santora (9x24)
  • "Plans We Made For Summer" by Justin Santora (18 x 24)
  • "Rise Against" (#72/75) by Justin Santora (18 x 25)
  • "The Doorway" by Kevin Leary (8x10)
  • "Screaming Bunny" skatedeck by Matt Sczech
  • "Philosophy" by Max Temkin (creator of Cards Against Humanity) [18 x 24]
  • Autographed copy of 'Mayday' by Shepard Fairey
  • Autographed copy of 'Mayday' by Shepard Fairey
  • Autographed copy of 'Mayday' by Shepard Fairey
  • "The Balancing Act" by Megan Hovany
  • "Hacienda" by Peter Hook (30x35)
  • "Cellular Cosmogony" by MOSHER (16 x 20)
  • "XX is for xylophone" BY MOSHER (16 x 20)
  • "Print 1" by Horsebites (18 x 24)
  • "Print 2" by Horsebites (18 x 25)
  • "Spaceman" (#42/50) by Steve Screwball (18 x 24)
  • "Oak & Ire" by Vince Giuliano (of Thieves) [24 x 24]
  • "What Lurks In The Night" by Aaron Hollander (11x17)
  • "Lycanthropy" by Michael Steinheiser
  • "You Have To Let Go In Order To Keep It Together" by Brandy Fisher (30x20)
  • "A More Perfect Union" by Marcus Ober

Preview some of the pieces available at the upcoming Hope For The Day ArtWARENESS art show and auction on September 12 in Chicago. 

Full event details below.


We have teamed up with our friends at suicide prevention and awareness organization Hope For The Day for an art show and nonprofit auction preceeding Riot Fest Chicago.

The event, which takes place September 12 from 7-11 p.m. CST at Architectural Artifacts in Chicago, will feature works by members of Bring Me The Horizon, The Academy Is... and Joy Division, prints from many of your favorite photographers and more, all to be auctioned off to help raise funds for Hope for the Day’s suicide prevention and awareness projects.

This event is 18+ and free with an optional donation at doors. You can also register onlinevia EventBrite, where you can make a donation.

View full event details and RSVP on Facebook