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Photo Diary: Warped Tour 2013 with The Amity Affliction (Pt. 2)

July 11 2013, 10:50 AM EDT Editorial Intern Photographer: Joel Birch

  • Chad Hasty from Glass Cloud is filling in for our drummer Ryan. He's such a guru, learned the set in one day and has been killing it at every show. We're all blown away by not only his talent, but by the way he has seamlessly joined our close crew. He's absolutely incredible. We miss Ryan terribly, but Chad is filling the gap very well.
  • Ali (he goes by several names but this is the most prevalent) from Architects, a true nice guy and all 'round friend.
  • Our friend Max who does merch for Architects killing time in between show days. This guy is one of the nicest people we've ever met, a genuine guru.
  • Bassist/vocalist Ahren "The String" Stringer doing his thing. Burrowing into a cup of Jameson.
  • Sam from Architects looking very handsome, as per usual.
  • The Englishmen can't get enough of football, and this time decided you had to head butt the ball to get it back into play. Here is Architects vocalist Sam Carter participating in the new rules. It's absolutely ridiculous if you ask me, but I love cricket, so I don't think I'm allowed to pass judgment! Haha!
  • Mac (one of the techs for Amity and Architects) being really good at football/soccer. This guy has been an amazing worker on this tour, I'm happy we've all been able to meet him and now call him a mate.
  • Loz from While She Sleeps playing the jump-over-a-box-on-a-skateboard game. This guy is absolutely hilarious, I don't think I've encountered anyone like it in my life. I'm almost laughing just thinking about it. Ha!
  • This pretty much sums up Architects. They are the best (and funniest) of friends. We're very lucky to be riding with such good friends, Warped thus far is easily the best tour we've ever done.

Every other Thursday during this year's Warped Tour run, we will catch up with The Amity Affliction on the road via this photo diary, shot by TAA frontman Joel Birch. In Part Two, Birch takes is into backstage life on Warped with the Amity Affliction and their busmates Architects. Check out part one of their tour diary here.