The Story

A note from photographer Brian Radmond, who was on tour with the band this summer: 

"Defeater played on the Monster Energy stage most days with the exception of the times they were called up to the main stage. The camaraderie displayed by every band, stagehand, sound engineer, and stage manager on the each stage goes unparalleled by any other tour and this love was equally spread to the guys of Defeater.

About halfway through their run on Warped, Defeater released their new album Letters Home.  Each day when the band played “Bastards,” the first track off the album, the response was beyond imagination.

It was very clear that each member of Defeater was there to be involved in as much as possible on the tour, and the love and respect they received from fans and fellow tour members in return was incredible.

Through Warped Tour, I felt like I was living out a movie--riding along with a band that’s on the cusp of being full-time and seeing first hand the trials and tribulations of what it takes to be a modern, professional band. In the process I’ve gained friends that I’ll have for the rest of my life.

Defeater truly is one of the greatest bands in hardcore not only for their talents as musicians but also for their merits as human beings. I’ve never seen a group of dudes that truly cares as much about their music and their surroundings as them."