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Warped Tour Fan Fashion Friday: Southwest

June 20 2014, 5:23 PM EDT Cassie Whitt Photographer: Heather Ann Phillips

  • Fans braving the heat at Warped Tour in Texas
  • A casual hero costume
  • Friends who dress together, stay together
  • Fringe, bandanas and cross-legged circles. The Warped tour version of hippie-chic.
  • Fans testing out some Ernie Ball gear
  • It's not an umbrella, it's a sun shield.
  • Not only are these backpacks practical, but their vibrant patterns and recognizable characters are super-fun
  • Bodypaint
  • The post-crowdsurfing high five line!
  • Flowing fabrics are great for staying cool at Warped
  • Expect to see a lot of cropped tank-tops on Warped this year
  • "Besitos"
  • If you're going in a tube-top like these ladies, be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen!
  • Matching and clashing your ensemble with your hair always creates a standout look
  • Shark tank. Ha! Get it?
  • Awesome cutoff tanks, Elmo shirts, and pokébelts aside, remember the one accessory you probably won't avoid at Warped—dirt.
  • Turtle backpack, turtle tour
  • We spotted a mermaid.
  • Neon!
  • You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh....
  • Gotta love the Black Flag parody shirts.
  • The internet is strong with these rad cat shorts
  • Kudos to you, sir, for keeping your hair on point in the heat!
  • The '90s are back in full-force this year, and that adorable daisy patterned skater skirt is all the proof you need.

Our Warped Tour "Fan Fashion" galleries have returned for 2014 to show you what your fellow Warpedgoers have beein wearing. Whether it's to make a statement or simply to stay cool, everyone brings their own style to Warped. 

Our first week attendees have shown us that bright colors and symetrical patterns are hot (literally, under the sun out there) this year. 

What do you plan to wear when Warped makes it to your city?