Helen Earth Band - We Fucking Quit

October 31, 2014 by Brian Kraus

Helen Earth Band - We Fucking Quit

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“Call Out”

October 21, 2014 - Youth Conspiracy

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Hopefully that star rating caught your attention, as Helen Earth Band have been mum for a handful of years. Their strategic, free-range rock holds many candles to like-minded titans like Minus The Bear and carries the forgotten flame of their San Diego kin, No Knife. HEB are a musical democracy where everyone is given fair play to a fault. “Anchor” eases folks into the non-linear ride on a Superdrag kick; “Call Out” is a pop-heavy relay race; “Coping Mechanisms” referees a mid-song dance-off; and “Castaway” just reaffirms their many designs for innovation. “Remind Me Why” does so with aggressive noodling and a shouting match that recalls Adam and Marc Allen’s past prog-emo outfit Counterfit. We’re all better off if We Fucking Quit [released on managing editor Scott Heisel’s Youth Conspiracy Records —full-disclosure ed.] is tongue in cheek.


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