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April 24, 2015 by Mischa Pearlman

Northern Faces’ self-titled debut is a perfect example of what pop music should be (review)

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“Stay Away”

April 21, 2015 - Equal Vision Records

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If pop music is meant to be polished, nobody told Northern Faces. On their self-titled debut, the Albany, New York four-piece have crafted some of the catchiest tunes you’re likely to hear this year that are anything but glossy and superficial. Rather, they’re gritty and honest visions, whether it’s the brash, fuzzy guitars of the opener “Cops Come,” the bluesy, sensual groove of “Stay Away” (a song that manages to staddle the line between gloriously uplifting and downbeat), or the soulful sadness of “Don’t Care.” Then there’s the subtle power of the lead single “Wait, Wait, Wait” and the smooth, near sinister cadence in “Hard To Breathe.” All in all, a perfect example of what pop music should be, but rarely is.


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