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The Summer Set ...In Color EP

June 14 2010, 5:03 PM EDT Robert Ham

The Summer Set - ...In Color EP

The Summer Set ...In Color EP

The Summer Set - ...In Color EP

Released: June 30, 2009 The Militia Group

It's easy to forgive the more immature aspects of the Summer Set's first EP after signing with the Militia Group when you take into account the simple fact that many of these songs were written soon after the band formed in 2007. The majority of the five tracks are, in fact, re-recorded versions of songs found on this Scottsdale, Arizona, band's self-released EP. So for all the good found within this EP, it still comes off like a band who were still trying to find their sound. You get eye-rolling moments like the unfortunate layer of Auto-Tune that wrecks a pair of otherwise decent songs ("Cross Your Fingers," "She's Got The Rhythm"), but what you also find are the sparks of a band who eventually fulfilled the potential of being a quite good power-pop act. The EP’s newest track, "Seasons," survives the duff transistor radio-style opening and settles into a tangy bit of rock candy. Even the treacly lyrics come off as sweet thanks to the sunny enthusiasm that the band inject into their performances.