- Be One Of Us And Hear No Noise

May 20, 2010 by Jesse Raub

Metavari - Be One Of Us And Hear No Noise

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August 18, 2009 - Crossroads Of America

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Metavari are stuck in a drawer full of early Death Cab For Cutie melodies and emotive electronica. While this could make for a troublesome combination of the predictable and the well worn, the group are able to play their music with strong conviction and a solid backbeat. The mixture of real instruments, samples and programmed bits of music is ear catching; but after a few songs, it feels like you've heard them before in the wake of the Great Moby Plague Of '99. It's clear the instrumentation and arrangements are supposed to be key onBe One Of Us And Hear No Noise, but it's hard to shake the urge for creative vocal melodies and insightful lyrics. Not having a singer might be the band's M.O., but maybe they should hold some auditions--just in case.