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Bottomfeeder Bottomfeeder EP

January 05 2012, 7:00 AM EST Mischa Pearlman

Bottomfeeder - Bottomfeeder EP

Bottomfeeder Bottomfeeder EP

Bottomfeeder - Bottomfeeder EP

Released: December 16, 2011 Human Blood

A New Jersey punk supergroup of sorts, Bottomfeeder consist of members of Let Me Run and Gates as well as Gaslight Anthem drummer Benny Horowitz. This debut EP—released digitally and on 10-inch vinyl by Gaslight guitarist Alex Rosamilia’s new record label, Human Blood—is four bruising, blistering songs which take their cue from East Coast hardcore such as American Nightmare and Lifetime and are dominated by the rage-filled, flesh-torn vocals of singer Derek Reilly (previously of Hidden In Plain View and Red Light Green Light and currently of Jaguar Shark). And not only do these four tracks solidify the importance of friendship, community and DIY ethics in music but they have a devastating impact in their own right. Frantic, furious opener “You Son Of A Bitch” is a vicious invective against the destructive nature of drug abuse, while “My Dude Cried Wolf” sees Reilly scream, “We want the truth!” over and over again with uncompromising venom. But there’s melody here too, something demonstrated perfectly on final song “End Times And New Beginnings,” which lends a touch of melancholy to this dark, shuddering and unforgiving sign-off. “And if I don’t make it,” screams Reilly, “save yourself.” There is no choice but to comply.