Candy Hearts - The Best Ways To Disappear EP

November 29, 2012 by Matthew Colwell

Candy Hearts - The Best Ways To Disappear EP

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November 06, 2012 - Violently Happy/Bridge Nine

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This review originally ran in AP 293.

The ’90s are alive and well on Candy Hearts’ The Best Ways To Disappear. It offers a paradoxical freshness with throwback instrumentation and child-like lyrical matters such as tickling and Matchbox cars. Dropping the indie-rock dabbling of previous efforts in favor of straight up pop-punk, Disappear is the band’s most focused work to date pushing out 18 minutes of witty, heart-on-sleeve jams. With New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert in the production chair, the EP gets a punchy, upbeat mix that lends well to frontwoman Mariel Loveland’s infectious melodies (“Miles And Interstates”) and quirky word choice (“Ticklish”). Loveland’s unique vocal style and adorable lyrics make the EP an onslaught of cuteness in the best way possible, crafting off-kilter, infectious choruses that go down smoother than a Carly Rae Jepsen refrain.


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