Cherie Lily - The Dripping Wet EP

February 22, 2013 by Bree Davies

Cherie Lily - The Dripping Wet EP

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“Total Body Workout”

February 12, 2013 - Steev Mike

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Best known for being a fitness guru responsible for transforming the traditional workout into a legitimate art form, a turn as a pop vocalist seems like the next logical step for Cherie Lily. On her first proper, non-remix EP, Dripping Wet (her first release on husband Andrew W.K.’s Steev Mike label), Lily’s club-centric approach to well being comes through in a perplexing way. Songs like “Total Body Workout” and “WERK” are effective adrenaline raisers, with Lily’s voice passing well as a PC-version of Peaches. But the title track and “Lotion” feel awkward; outside of the gym (or possibly a strip club) setting, the lyrics feel contrived. The beats are no doubt contagious throughout these tracks, but too much of a good thing turns Lily’s introduction musically into a novelty record. The queen of “Houserobics” is a masterful fitness leader, but as a vocalist, she boxes herself in with Dripping Wet.


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