Creepoid - Creepoid

March 8, 2014 by Jason Pettigrew

Creepoid - Creepoid

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March 04, 2014 - No Idea

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The second album from Philadelphia-based outfit Creepoid has something for time-machine travelers into unknown singer/songwriters from the late ’60s, ’90s alt-rock amp-abusers and other contemporary consumers of cough syrup. While all of these avenues on one disc might signify some forced wack-of-all-trades/masters-of-nothing versatility, the results on Creepoid are more engaging than ignorable. Guitarist Sean Miller and bassist Anna Troxell share vocal duties across the disc’s 11 tracks, peppering the proceedings with the kind of wooziness that sounds more blissed-out fatalist than, oh, your neighborhood Silversun Pickups tribute band. If your playlists butt Lush (“Vulgar”), Swervedriver (“Gout”), My Bloody Valentine (“Acrimony”) and the Entrance Band against each other, Creepoid will grab you by the lapels and throw your calendar-defying ass into 2014—and you wouldn’t complain. Hell, why would you?


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