Dead Rider - Chills On Glass

March 16, 2014 by Jason Pettigrew

Dead Rider - Chills On Glass

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“Blank Screen”

March 18, 2014 - Drag City

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Armed with a bigger budget, more noise-making gear and an index of weirdo possibilities, Chills On Glass could be best described as “some next-level shit” perpetrated by former U.S. Maple guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Todd Rittmann and his coterie of winking musical savants. While previous Dead Rider records have focused on Rittmann’s fingers-caught-in-a-sewing-machine guitar style on top of fragmented grooves, Chills is heavily peppered with synthesizers and other electronic distensions that fill out the band’s sound. The results range from tense electro-pop vistas (“Blank Screen”), annoyance (“Four Cocks”), deconstructed glam-metal (“Of One Thousand”) or an approximation of sleep deprivation under duress (“Fumes And Nothing Else”). On top of it all, Rittmann delivers random non-sequiturs that would make the late William Burroughs suddenly look up puzzled from his syringes. Hold this band close to your temporal lobe.


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