Fairweather - Fairweather

April 11, 2014 by Brian Kraus

April 01, 2014 - Equal Vision

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Anything can happen with more than a decade between albums, and Fairweather’s promise of a glorified return by the one-minute surprise-attack opener “Carte Blanche” soon becomes a white lie. Their shimmering, anthemic post-hardcore past is tossed for a post-punk preference on Fairweather, which makes sense after revisiting guitarist Peter Tsouras and drummer Shane Johnson’s brief time in Olympia. (In outside terms, think later Sparta.) “Reset Position” comes at you with the riffs, but the hookless chorus is a repeat offender, as are many others. Frontman Jay Littleton fights his way through the band’s volume, sometimes pushed past his sweet spot. “Clear Skies, Full Sails” is the most focused idea; “Kill The Silence” the catchiest; “Memoria” a deep bed of guitars for Littleton to lie his melancholy melodies in; and “Doubt The Doubtless” instantly endearing for rehashing “Silent Jury” from Lusitania. Expect mixed feelings.


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