Gameface - Now Is What Matters Now

March 15, 2014 by Brian Kraus

Gameface - Now Is What Matters Now

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“Picture Day”

March 18, 2014 - Equal Vision

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Southern California’s Gameface are ready to make up for a decade away. “Come On Down” opens the gates with a poppy punk-rock rally; “Picture Day” has heartwarming hooks ripe for the nostalgia trip it takes you on; “Regular Size” is bait for both new and old listeners alike, its sample-size melodic chord changes bearing attitude like they still have something to prove. Frontman Jeff Caudill’s ever-so-vibrating vocals are on point like his lyricism: He commands, “Eiffel Tower highs/Crushing lows/And long goodbyes,” during “Frames.” The band punk-the-fuck-out on “Lifetime Achievement Award,” strumming, yelling and beating away like maniacs on too many energy drinks. The mid-paced majority suits these older gents best. It’s a collection of great and good with a pinch of forgettable. As Caudill sings in their final song, “Remember the good guys."


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