Greys - Easy Listening EP

May 17, 2012 by Brian Shultz

Greys - Easy Listening EP

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"The Way Of All Flesh"

May 22, 2012 -

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As a reviewer, the title of Greys' second EP is almost insulting. Essentially, at some point we're supposed to go, [adopts game-show-host voice] "Easy Listening? It's anything but!" All right, guys, we get it. You Torontonians are a little crazy and kinda jagged and anything but what the moniker of your fierce, six-song effort promises: Instead, imagine Vaux, a stripped-down These Arms Are Snakes and Hot Snakes in a cage match. In other words, despite the shameless baiting, they're good. Add the distinct guitar tone of Fucked Up's playful, extended jamming ("Cascades," seven-minute closer "Telegraph Hill") and a pinch of actual fun, and it's clear that Greys are building on the promise of their last and equally righteous EP, 2011's Ultra Sorta. They manage to smartly lift notes from noise rock, balls-out garage punk and party-fied recklessness without fully conforming to the boundaries of what those styles usually demand, and it's what makes their songs a refreshing blast.


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