Larry And His Flask - Hobo's Lament EP

September 22, 2012 by Jason Schreurs

September 25, 2012 - Paper + Plastick

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Most of us sigh and roll our eyes at the term “folk-punk,” and justly so: It’s one of the most overused subgenre descriptors of the past several years. And, sure, Oregon buskers-turned-punkers Larry And His Flask definitely fall into that category, but the term really doesn’t do them any justice—mostly because there’s such a nice swing to their tunes, rooted in bluegrass and country, but there’s also an obvious punk-rock spirit that most “folk-punk” bands tend to dilute out of their presentation with mopey-ness, hipster indie credibility and an unhealthy fascination with their parents’ record collection. Larry and His Flask seem like they couldn’t give a flying fuck about Crosby, Stills, Nash or Young, because there’s too much fucking rocking out to do. And while they’ve been known to frequent the small-town music festival scene, songs like “My Name Is Cancer” and "Swing" are just way too aggressive and in-your-face for the stroller and grey hair crowds, which makes this band even cooler. Unpredictable, scarily musically adept, at times pensive and sweet (see the title track, a real Kumbaya moment through a peace-punk lens) and always high-energy, Larry And His Flask kick all kinds of ass on this new EP.


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