The Photo Atlas - To Silently Provoke The Ghost EP

August 3, 2009 by Aubrey Welbers

The Photo Atlas - To Silently Provoke The Ghost EP

April 21, 2009 - Self-released

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This Denver quartet pick up where their debut album, No, Not Me, Never, left off with their five-song follow-up EP, To Silently Provoke The Ghost. Enriching their poignant guitar melodies with convulsing beats, the Photo Atlas’ sound intersects somewhere on the post-punk and dance-rock axis. Alan Andrews’ taut vocal stylings create an acute urgency that leads off “Class Of 2012” and resonates well into “It’s Always About The Money.” The bickering guitar squalls at the beginning of “Jealous Teeth” create an anxious first impression that makes way for a melody-laden hook that echoes Interpol’s magnetism. Ghost retains dynamic progressions throughout that move without flinching. The Photo Atlas’ songs aren’t entirely free from being formulaic, but there’s no need to test many variables to make their equation work.