River City Rebels - Done With Love

September 30, 2010 by Aubrey Welbers

River City Rebels – Done With Love

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“One More Dance”

September 28, 2010 - Modhouse

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Seven albums into their decade-long career, it was time for River City Rebels to move beyond the New York Dolls-esque glam-rock revivalist shtick. Unfortunately, Done With Love is nothing if not a completely forced attempt to jump on the Bruce Springsteen bandwagon. The addition of a bluesy sax, a fiddle and female harmonies doesn’t really turn the Rebels into “Americana” so much as “forgettable.” “One More Dance” is the only song that resembles an organic progression for the band, as it dials into the Replacements’ style of keys and guitar harmonies. For a band who have done fast, snotty punk rock for so long, the whimpering ballads “Gone Forever” and “Wedding Bells” are simply not convincing underneath vocalist Dan O’Day’s gravelly crooning.