- Sleepwalkers

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Dead Swans - Sleepwalkers

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August 11, 2009 - Bridge Nine

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Dead Swans blatantly sound like a band born into modern U.S. hardcore; the only thing surprising about them is their English--not American--upbringing. Frankly, that's fine with us, as a sound this fierce and full doesn't come around often. Resembling a potent blend of Blacklisted's ...The Beat Goes On, Give Up The Ghost's We're Down 'Til We're Underground and This Is Hell's Sundowning, the shadowy Sleepwalkers remains blistering and nervously confrontational through its pleasingly grueling half-hour. While a bit short on hooks, there's plenty of slower, methodical moments of restraint ("So Far You've Only Made Things Worse") that prove Dead Swans know when to rear back and provide some atmosphere--as gray and foggy as that atmosphere might ultimately be.