Grieves The Confessions Of Mr. Modest

May 14 2010, 5:56 PM EDT Eddie Fleisher

Grieves - The Confessions Of Mr. Modest

Grieves The Confessions Of Mr. Modest

Grieves - The Confessions Of Mr. Modest

Released: March 1, 2010 Rhymesayers

In 2008, Chicago rapper Grieves released 88 Keys & Counting, a fantastic album that began to generate buzz in the underground rap world. After touring with Mr. Lif last year, he caught the attention of Minneapolis-based indie-rap powerhouse, Rhymesayers. The label is re-issuing 88 Keys for those who haven't heard it, and tiding fans over with The Confessions Of Mr. Modest, a new 10-song EP.

As on 88 Keys, Grieves' rhymes are accompanied by the jazzy beats of multi-instrumentalist/producer Budo. The MC's lyrics typically run deep, dealing with topics like love and loss--fans of Atmosphere will appreciate his analytical approach. "War For The Crippled" (featuring P.O.S.) and "Windchill" are reminiscent of 88 Keys' best moments. Unfortunately, the EP also contains some filler: "Out Of My Mind" is a really poor example of what this bright MC is really capable of. While there are definitely a few tunes worth checking out, it seems like Grieves is saving his best songs for his next LP.