- Tongues

May 21, 2010 by Ryan J. Prado

March 14, 2008 - CoachHouse Collective

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The Chicago post-punk family tree has a new branch from which to prune, and Tongues might be its ripest growth in years. The conglomerate (featuring members of Apocalypse Hoboken, Joan Of Arc and Ghosts & Vodka) stitches together a quilt with unapologetic cock-rock, sludgy guitar interplay and enveloping drums, matched in outlandishness only by the sassy vocal singe of Mr. Todd Pot. Lyrically, "Bukowski Dating Service" plunges into the absurd ("A former high school athlete is what you're not/To comb the hair of retards and wipe the drips of snot"). But for all the melodic counterbalance, there remains a healthy dose of machismo and mirth that'll put a smile on your face. This is Middle America's answer to Eagles Of Death Metal.