Turing Machine - What Is The Meaning Of What

June 2, 2012 by Jason Pettigrew

Turing Machine - What Is The Meaning Of What

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"Yeah, C'mon"

May 08, 2012 - Temporary Residence Limited

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This review originally ran in AP 287.

Electronic-based music is heightened significantly when you leave the drum machine in the box and have a live drummer do his thing. This evident truth summarizes both the great sadness and immense joy marking Turing Machine’s third album: What Is The Meaning Of What is the final recording of Jerry Fuchs, the dynamic stickman who also lent his skills to such outfits as !!!, the Juan Maclean and Maserati, prior to his tragic death in 2009. In addition to delivering metronome precision, Fuchs makes the majority of What swing while Justin Chearno (guitar/synth) and Scott DeSimon (bass/synth) create the brain massages that are hypnotic (the title track), stimulating (“Yeah, C’mon”), trippy (the drum-free “Sex Ghost”) and positively robot ’n’ roll (“Slave To The Algorithm”). Three MVPs plus one vision equals one of the year’s best.


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