Young Widows - Easy Pain

May 18, 2014 by Jason Pettigrew

Young Widows - Easy Pain

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“Bird Feeder”

May 13, 2014 - Temporary Residence Limited

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The fourth album from Louisville, Kentucky, noise-rock trio Young Widows is a suffocating aural submission hold that refuses to let up on your carotid artery. Easy Pain is all tension and menace, laden with reverb, distortion and migraine-inducing beats that deliver inspired reinventions of everything fans of metal-gaze (“Doomed Moon,” “Gift Of Failure”), noise rock (“Bird Feeder” sounds like Coliseum, ZZ Top and Sonic Youth in a three-way knife fight) and post-punk (“Kerosene Girl” is what Interpol might’ve sounded like after ingesting near-lethal doses of tequila and trucker’s speed) hold dear. Guitarist Evan Patterson’s vocals are so buried in the mix, they add texture instead of narrative, offering heady atmospheres and cardio-thumping fear, in all its penetrating and ugly glory. Easy Pain reminds you how horrible the world can be, as well as the catharsis you can achieve if you’d only just immerse yourself in the maelstrom. 


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