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All Entries Tagged: Kim Shattuck

  1. Kim Shattuck speaks out about Pixies firing; Frank Black weighs in, talks fan accountability

    Following an abrupt firing from the Pixies late last month, bassist Kim Shattuck, who, herself, was...

  2. Pixies announce new bassist, premiere music video for “Another Toe In The Ocean”

    Pixies have once again announced a new bassist, and this time her name isn't Kim. Following the...

  3. Pixies part ways with new bassist Kim Shattuck

    For reasons not immediately clear, the Pixies have parted ways with bassist Kim Shattuck, who joined earlier...

  4. Watch Pixies perform “Bagboy” on ‘Fallon’

    Pixies stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night to perform "Bagboy," a standalone single...