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  1. Police department just as hype to hear 2016 Warped Tour lineup as the rest of us

    There’s a police department in Minnesota that’s just as anxious as the rest of...

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  4. Tyson Ritter (The All-American Rejects) to release a single, “Air”

    The All-American Rejects' vivacious frontman Tyson Ritter will soon be releasing a song he recorded a year...

  5. The All-American Rejects debut new single, “Walk Over Me”

    The All-American Rejects debuted their new single, "Walk Over Me," today. You can view it below.

  6. The All-American Rejects release new single, “Beekeeper’s Daughter”

    The All-American Rejects have released a new single, "Beekeeper's Daughter" on iTunes and other digital music services....

  7. Tyson Ritter of the All-American Rejects covers Tom Petty

    Check out this fan video of Tyson Ritter (frontman of the All-American Rejects) covering Tom Petty's "American...

  8. The All-American Rejects are mixing their new album

    The All-American Rejects have been inactive for quite awhile, but it looks like their new album is finished...

  9. The All-American Rejects to begin recording new album, organize contest to benefit Haiti

    The All-American Rejects have been inactive since the band's stint on the Vans' Warped Tour last year....