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All Entries Tagged: American Idiot

  1. 11 Broadway and theater productions with ties to rock music (and Eminem)

  2. Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ movie has “green light” from HBO

    After rumors that Tom Hanks was producing it in 2011, and then rumors again in 2014 that it was confirmed...

  3. Why ‘American Idiot’ is Green Day’s greatest album - Op-Ed

  4. Green Day re-releasing ‘American Idiot’ on vinyl for Black Friday

    Following a 2013 Hot Topic exclusive repress, Green Day are re-releasing their multi-platinum 2004 LP, American Idiot, on vinyl...

  5. Watch Green Day’s trailer for ‘American Idiot’ documentary

    Green Day have released the first trailer for their upcoming American Idiot documentary, Heart Like A Hand Grenade....

  6. Green Day’s ‘Broadway Idiot’ to see theatrical release

    Broadway Idiot, a documentary about a play based on an album, is set to screen in select theaters...