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All Entries Tagged: Apple-music

  1. Tool may be coming to Spotify and Apple Music

    With all the news coming out about Tool lately, you may have had the urge to listen to...

  2. Prince may be coming to Spotify and Apple Music

    If you've been wanting to jam to Prince lately (Who hasn't?) and aren't subscribed to...

  3. Amazon launches new music streaming service set to rival Spotify, Apple Music

    [Photo credit:] As if the music streaming war wasn't already complicated—Amazon has...

  4. Spotify outpaces Apple Music, reaches 40 million paid subscribers

    There's a new development in the music streaming war: Spotify has reached 40 million paid subscribers, according to...

  5. Slipknot contemplated breaking up after first album; called it a “f*ck-you to the industry”

  6. Study shows young Americans actually pay for music more often than older generations

    It's common for people to think that young people don't pay for their music. But Business...

  7. The Sounds of Taste Of Chaos playlist: The Used, Thrice, Dashboard, more

  8. Apple Music is making you choose between leaks and your music library

  9. How to maximize your Spotify subscription to support artists

  10. Apple vs Spotify vs Tidal: Which streaming service sounds the best?

    Apple Music lauched last week, and arguably accelerated the streaming wars to new, unprecedented heights. The Verge decided...

  11. An Apple Music Guide for Spotify Subscribers

  12. Trent Reznor “proud of the work we’re doing” on Apple Music

    Apple's highly anticipated music streaming service, Apple Music, launches today. The service will offer a three-month free...