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  1. Remember that time Michelle Obama danced to an Attack Attack! song?

    You probably don’t, so here’s the story: In 2012, First Lady Michelle Obama visited the...

  2. Beartooth’s Caleb Shomo looks back on Attack Attack!: “I was incredibly depressed and anxious”

    In the most recent issue of Alternative Press, Andrew Kelham spoke with Beartooth headmaster Caleb Shomo on a...

  3. Former Attack Attack! guitarist returns with new project, Drudge

    Former Attack Attack! guitarist Andrew Whiting has returned with a new band, Drudge. You can stream their...

  4. Brightwell (ex-Attack Attack!, For The Fallen Dreams) announce debut EP through Outerloop Records

    Brightwell, the new project of former Attack Attack! vocalist Nick Barham and former For The Fallen Dreams...

  5. The March Ahead (ex-Attack Attack!) premiere two new songs

    The March Ahead (featuring former Attack Attack! guitarist Johnny Franck) have premiered two new songs, titled "Creation"...

  6. Andrew Wetzel (ex-Attack Attack!) starts new band, releases teaser

    Not too long after vocalist Phil Druyor announce a new band, former Attack Attack!/Nativ drummer Andrew Wetzel...

  7. Ex-Attack Attack! vocalist Phil Druyor starts new band, releases new song

    Vocalist Phil Druyor, of I Am Abomination and formerly of Attack Attack!, has started a new...

  8. Beartooth - Disgusting


  9. 5 Albums That Electrified Metalcore


  10. Brightwell (ex-Attack Attack! and For The Fallen Dreams) release debut single, “Separation”

    Brightwell have released their debut single "Separation" in the lyric video below. The group announced their...

  11. Famous Last Words: 13 Broken-Up Bands’ Final Messages


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