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All Entries Tagged: Barack Obama

  1. Here are our favorite music moments from Barack Obama’s presidency

  2. “You will be truly missed”: Bands bid farewell to President Barack Obama

  3. Spotify offers President Obama ‘President of Playlists’ position

    For those need working work, Spotify is looking for a President of Playlists, but be aware that the...

  4. President Obama is hosting his own music festival

    President Obama is clearly a music person. After creating his very own summer Spotify playlist, he’s...

  5. Watch President Barack Obama shout-out Finland’s heavy metal music

    A one-day summit was recently held at the White House, during which President Barack Obama welcomed leaders from...

  6. Watch President Obama “slow jam” the news with the Roots on Jimmy Fallon

    President Obama made an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night to "slow jam" the news...