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  1. 12 bilingual songs and their translations


  2. Watch famous musicians audition to be in the Star Wars cantina band

    As part of Star Wars Day (May the fourth), CollegeHumor released a new video, which was produced by...

  3. Weekly Playlist #32: Nine Cheers For Sweet Revenge


  4. Ben Folds Five - The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind


  5. Listen to a new Ben Folds Five song, “Away When You Were Here”

    Check out a new Ben Folds Five song titled "Away When You Were Here" streaming on Yahoo. It'...

  6. Listen to a new Ben Folds Five song, “Sky High”

    Check out a new Ben Folds Five song titled "Sky High" streaming on Spinner. It's off their...

  7. Ben Folds Five launch PledgeMusic drive to fund new album

    This weekend, Ben Folds Five released a new song, "Do It Anyway." As if that wasn't exciting...

  8. Ben Folds Five working on new album

    Ben Folds Five entered the studio late last week (pictured above) to begin recording a new album, which...

  9. New Ben Folds Five song, “House,” released

    (Photo: James Minchin) Your eyes don't deceive you: The first new Ben Folds Five song released in...

  10. Ben Folds reveals details, tracklisting of rarities collection

    (Photo: James Minchin) Ben Folds has revealed details about the expanded edition of his rarities collection, The Best...

  11. Ben Folds rarities collection reportedly coming later this year

    (Photo by Michael Wilson) Kudos to blog the Second Disc, which linked to a recent interview Ben Folds...