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All Entries Tagged: Blink 182

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  2. QUIZ: How well do you know the lyrics to “Feeling This”?

  3. Blink-182 hint that deluxe edition of ‘California’ “should almost be a new album”

    Blink-182’s California was one of the most anticipated—and most successful—releases of...

  4. Blink-182 and AFI’s Davey Havok take home PETA awards for speaking out against animal cruelty

    Recognizing bands and artists who have spoken out against animal cruelty, PETA have awarded Blink-182 and AFI&rsquo...

  5. Watch Blink-182 do an ‘80s cover

    Blink-182 recently caught up with France's Ouï FM, and in addition to performing an acoustic version...

  6. Blink-182 recreate “What’s My Age Again?” in “She’s Out Of Her Mind” video

    Pop-punk overlords Blink-182 have partnered with Spotify to recreate scenes from their iconic "What's My Age Again"...

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  9. Halsey sings ‘Blink-182’ in new Chainsmokers song

    Check out the recorded evidence that Halsey loves Blink-182 as much as most of us love Blink-182. The 2...

  10. Blink-182 “covered” by Mumford And Sons is what-the-f*ck worthy—watch

    We're glad someone out there had this idea and made it happen. Read more: How Twenty...

  11. Hear Blink-182’s “Hey, I’m Sorry,” a Japanese bonus track from ‘California’

    Blink-182's comeback album California dropped today, and even if you've already spun the record, you might...

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