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  1. Walter White makes an appearance at Electric Daisy Carnival—watch

    If Walter White is at your door knocking, will you open it? At this year's Electric Daisy...

  2. Heisenberg and Morgan collide in fan-made ‘Dexter/Breaking Bad’ trailer

    Someone made a pretty cool fan trailer for a Dexter/Breaking Bad film. The fan-made video introduces Bad...

  3. 13 bands who have stalked the ‘Breaking Bad’ house


  4. Watch the first teaser trailer for ‘Breaking Bad’ spinoff ‘Better Call Saul’

    After months of chatter, Breaking Bad fans got their first glimpse at the series' spinoff, ...

  5. AMC announces live talk show after Breaking Bad season premiere, trailers

    During San Diego's famous Comic-Con this year, Breaking Bad stars not only had their own...

  6. Breaking Bad museum exhibit will run July through October, details

    Breaking Bad fans have more more thing to rejoice about this month as the show has been...

  7. Breaking Bad Ask Me Anything segment on Reddit

    Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston recently did an AMA [Ask Me Anything] segment on the website Reddit. During...

  8. Video Premiere: Beta State channel ‘Breaking Bad’ for “Clean Slate”