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All Entries Tagged: Cody Carson

  1. Fans become the next generation of music industry through TEI workshops

  2. Watch All Time Low perform “Jasey Rae” with Set It Off’s Cody Carson

    All Time Low are currently on tour in Canada with fellow pop-punks Set It Off. During their show...

  3. Set It Off’s Cody Carson talks passion and songwriting in the Gibson APMAs Backstage Lounge

    Set It Off frontman Cody Carson joins APTV Correspondent Caity Babcock in the Gibson Backstage Artist Lounge after...

  4. 10 best selfies from the 2015 APMAs

  5. Derek Sanders, Jason Lancaster, Cody Carson celebrate Father’s Day with “Gotta Be Strong”

  6. Set It Off talk ‘Duality’—“What I’m encouraging with this record is show who you really are”

  7. Take a backstage Vine tour of the APMAs with Set It Off’s Cody Carson

  8. Divided By Friday cover Justin Timberlake with William Beckett, Set It Off and For The Foxes

    Divided By Friday have been posting covers of popular Top 40 songs over the past few weeks as decided...

  9. Set It Off release track-by-track video for “The Grand Finale”

    Set It Off are preparing to release their new album, Cinematics, on Sept. 18. The band's frontman Cody...

  10. Set It Off’s Cody Carson injured at last night’s show

    At last night's show in Pensacola, FL with the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Set It Off frontman...

  11. Cody Carson (Set It Off) covers Yellowcard’s “Only One”

    Set It Off's Cody Carson has posted his rendition of Yellowcard's "Only One." The band's...

  12. Under The Covers: Nick Santino vs. Cody Carson