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All Entries Tagged: Comics

  1. AFI’s Davey Havok, Motion City Soundtrack’s Justin Pierre featured on Local Comic Shop Day exclusive

  2. GWAR launch Kickstarter for new comic series: ‘Orgasmageddon’

  3. These pop-punk comics are so accurate

    [Photo via Instagram] You have to admit it, there are so pretty talented people in our scene. From...

  4. 10 current comics this scene has to read

  5. Op-Ed: Why comics are my new punk rock

  6. Andy Hurley to be featured in comic book series: Q&A with Hurley, creators

  7. September Mourning talk stealing souls, marrying comics and rock on APTV

    AP’s Josh Bernstein caught up with art project/band September Mourning recently to talk about the...

  8. Doctor Strange will return to comics this fall

    After a hiatus, Doctor Strange will return to print comics this fall, along with a slew of other...

  9. Stick To Your Guns drummer releases comic book, ‘Diamond Lass’

    Stick To Your Guns drummer George Schmitz has written and released a comic book illustrated by his...

  10. Gerard Way Reddit AMA Recap: My Chemical Romance, gender, art and ‘Hesitant Alien’

    Last night, Gerard Way, who released his debut solo album Hesitant Alien this week, hosted a Reddit AMA...

  11. “I’ve thought about starting a noise-rock band”—Gerard Way on his varied solo project ideas

    Gerard Way chats future solo endeavors beyond his upcoming debut Hesitant Alien in a newly published...

  12. Gerard Way posts “Pink Station Zero” teaser for new music

    Gerard Way has shared a new video via Twitter titled Pink Station Zero, which happens to be the...