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All Entries Tagged: Comics

  1. Me Like Bees team up with comic book creators, premiere new video for “The River Divides”—watch

  2. AFI’s Davey Havok, Motion City Soundtrack’s Justin Pierre featured on Local Comic Shop Day exclusive

  3. GWAR launch Kickstarter for new comic series: ‘Orgasmageddon’

  4. These pop-punk comics are so accurate

    [Photo via Instagram] You have to admit it, there are so pretty talented people in our scene. From...

  5. 10 current comics this scene has to read

  6. Op-Ed: Why comics are my new punk rock

  7. Andy Hurley to be featured in comic book series: Q&A with Hurley, creators

  8. September Mourning talk stealing souls, marrying comics and rock on APTV

    AP’s Josh Bernstein caught up with art project/band September Mourning recently to talk about the...

  9. Doctor Strange will return to comics this fall

    After a hiatus, Doctor Strange will return to print comics this fall, along with a slew of other...

  10. Stick To Your Guns drummer releases comic book, ‘Diamond Lass’

    Stick To Your Guns drummer George Schmitz has written and released a comic book illustrated by his...

  11. Gerard Way Reddit AMA Recap: My Chemical Romance, gender, art and ‘Hesitant Alien’

    Last night, Gerard Way, who released his debut solo album Hesitant Alien this week, hosted a Reddit AMA...

  12. “I’ve thought about starting a noise-rock band”—Gerard Way on his varied solo project ideas

    Gerard Way chats future solo endeavors beyond his upcoming debut Hesitant Alien in a newly published...