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  1. 36 of your favorite bands covering Weezer


  2. Somebody covered Slayer’s “Raining Blood” with a banjo

    Rob Scallon, who's already quite famous for his bizarre metal covers, recently covered Slayer’s &ldquo...

  3. 12 best metalcore covers of hip-hop songs, ranked


  4. Bayside - Covers - Volume 1


  5. Bayside stream ‘Covers - Volume 1’

    Bayside are currently streaming their 5-track Covers -Volume 1 EP at AOL Music.  The EP features covers...

  6. I See Stars and Sumerian Records offer fans a chance to win $500 and a music video role

    I See Stars are the hosts of the latest "Sumerian's Got Talent" contest. Fans can enter to...