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All Entries Tagged: Craig Owens

  1. Craig Owens opens up about time in music industry in new badXchannels song—listen

  2. Craig Owens says Chiodos is done, premieres new project

    In an interview with Billboard, Craig Owens opens up about the end of Chiodos after their 15 years as...

  3. Craig Owens finishing new album

    [Photo credit: Ashley Osborn] Craig Owens has confirmed that he is finishing up a new album.Check out...

  4. Dependence announces album produced by Craig Owens—hear first single

  5. Chiodos demo song surprise-released—here’s the exclusive interview with Craig Owens

  6. Craig Owens just signed a new deal, but what’s it for?

    Craig Owens has shared a vague update on his current musical endeavors. Writing on his social outlets,...

  7. Note to Self: Craig Owens talks about importance of music during his childhood

    In this APTV Note to Self, Craig Owens talks about the importance of music during his childhood. Owens,...

  8. Craig Owens premieres new track on ‘Not Safe To Drink: Music For Flint Water Crisis’ compilation

  9. Craig Owens releases Frank Sinatra-inspired songs

    Craig Owens (D.R.U.G.S., Isles & Glaciers, Chiodos) has released two Frank Sinatra-inspired songs, &ldquo...

  10. 10 of the most dynamic supergroups to grace the scene

  11. Craig Owens shares unreleased EP from grindcore project

    Craig Owens has released Empathy Is A Gift, a 4 song, 7 minute grind-core EP he recorded last summer in...

  12. APTV Sessions: Craig Owens - “How It Feels To Be Defeated”

    Craig Owens performs "How It Feels To Be Defeated," a song he co-wrote with Before Their Eyes...