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  1. Emily’s Army release “High Waisted Shorts” music video

    Rise Records band Emily's Army have debuted a music video for "High Wasted Shorts," a...

  2. Emily’s Army premiere “Ammonia And Bleach” music video

    Today, Rise Records' band Emily's Army are releasing their latest EP, Swim, via...

  3. Emily’s Army stream new ‘Swim’ EP

    Emily's Army won't release their latest EP, Swim, until next Tuesday, July 22. However, the...

  4. Emily’s Army stream new song, “Aliens Landing”

    Emily's Army have released "Aliens Landing" from their upcoming EP, Swim, which is set for...

  5. Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong performs secret show with son

    This past Thursday, June 12, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and side guitarist Jason White performed a secret...

  6. Emily’s Army release “The Rescuers” video

    Emily's Army have premiered a new video for "The Rescuers" on Rock Sound. The track is featured...

  7. The Next New Things: Editors picks for Warped Tour 2013


  8. Emily’s Army (Rise Records) announce UK tour dates

    Emily's Army have posted UK tour dates for mid-July, which will follow their stint on the Vans...

  9. Emily’s Army (Rise Records) stream new single, “War”

    Emily's Army are streaming a new single titled "War," which can be heard below. Their debut for...

  10. Various Artists - The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore


  11. Emily’s Army - Don’t Be A Dick