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  1. New Barbie has opinion on an “emo” band

    Later this year, Mattel will be rolling out an incredibly creepy Barbie doll named Hello Barbie just in...

  2. Goth teens have three times the risk of depression, according to new study

    Oxford University has produced a new study that links interest in the gothic subculture and depression. According to...

  3. Lives Of The Obscure (ex-The Ataris, Joshua) stream ‘Bikini Island’ EP

    Orange County, NY's Lives Of The Obscure are streaming their new EP, Bikini Island, by way...

  4. Watch a new video from emo-rockers First Ghost


  5. 12 Biggest Moments of The #EmoRevival in 2014


  6. This website will tell you if your favorite bands are “emo” or not

    UPDATED: December 9, at 7:11 p.m. EDT The site looks to be back up and running. UPDATED: December 9, at 6:31...

  7. Why can’t goths, jocks and emo kids all be friends in high school?

    A recent study published by Stanford University looks at why cliques thrive in some schools more than others....

  8. It’s official: Emo music actually makes you feel better

    Music can have all sorts of strange/interesting effects on the human brain. One of the more interesting...

  9. “It isn’t like we went from sounding like Slayer to Fleet Foxes”—’90s emo unit the Jazz June reunite


  10. Last Days Of April stream new single, “Someone For Everyone”

    Long-running Swedish emo-gone-indie pop band Last Days Of April have released a new single on iTunes...

  11. The 8 Most Emo Cartoon Characters


  12. American Football add second New York show to reunion dates

    Earlier this week, influential emo band American Football announced their first shows in 15 years. Tickets to the...