Current Issue: #328 Mayday Parade

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  1. The Dirty Nil breathe new life into Fugazi’s “Provisional” (exclusive)


  2. Myka Relocate (Razor & Tie Records) push the boundaries of metalcore on “Cold Hearts” (exclusive)


  3. Household (Blood & Ink Records) transcend the status quo on ‘Time Spent’ (exclusive)

    Minneapolis-based quintet Household are teaming up with AP for an exclusive stream of their debut album, Time Spent....

  4. Conveyer (Victory Records) premiere new LP, ‘When Given Time To Grow’ (exclusive)


  5. From Autumn To Ashes vocalist releases statement on alleged arrest (exclusive)

    Near the beginning of July, From Autumn To Ashes dropped off their summer reunion tour due to &ldquo...

  6. Exclusive: Family Force 5 release third “BZRK” video trailer

    Family Force 5 are gearing up for the release of their music video for "BZRK" this week with...

  7. Exclusive: Stream Bear Hands new single, “Giants”

    Brooklyn's Bear Hands are set to release their new single, "Giants" next week, but you...

  8. Exclusive: Knapsack announce reunion tour dates

    Last month, Knapsack announced that they would reuinite after a 14-year disbandment. Fans have since eagerly awaited...

  9. Exclusive: Chiodos sign to Razor & Tie

    Razor & Tie have partnered with AltPress to announce that CHIODOS have signed to the label and are...

  10. Exclusive: Jimmy Eat World launch new website, “In The Van With Jimmy Eat World”

    Jimmy Eat World have launched a new site, called "In The Van," which will be a live-updating social...

  11. Exclusive: Transit ‘Young New England’ studio update number three


  12. Exclusive: Hawthorne Heights announce album title; launch pre-orders

    AltPress can exclusively announce that Hawthorne Heights' fifth album is titled Zero. The LP is...