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All Entries Tagged: Fearless Vampire Killers

  1. I traveled halfway around the world to watch my favorite band break up—here’s how it felt

  2. Former FVK co-vocalist Kier Kemp reveals new band, Inklings

    Kier Kemp, former co-vocalist and guitarist of FVK (Fearless Vampire Killers), has annouced is new project, Inklings. The...

  3. Fearless Vampire Killers debut farewell lyric videos—watch

    This summer, Fearless Vampire Killers announced that they would be disbanding after the departure of lead singer Kier...

  4. FVK announce farewell show in London

    FVK (Fearless Vampire Killers) have announced that they will play their final show on October 30 at London's...

  5. UPDATE: “Please remember our music lives on forever”—Fearless Vampire Killers disband

    UPDATE: July 5, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. EST FVK have announced that all upcoming performances, barring Shield Fest on July 17...

  6. British artists respond to Britain leaving the EU: “This all feels a little surreal”

  7. Here’s how the UK leaving the EU would change the music industry

  8. In The Studio with FVK: The freedom and folklore of their next era

  9. 10 Essential songs that made us dance on the dark side from 2005 to 2015

    If you're looking for quintessential spooky tunes, you're probably going to turn to our "grampires" of...

  10. 11 songs you need to hear from January 2016

  11. Watch Fearless Vampire Killers’ suspenseful “Regret” video (premiere)

    Fearless Vampire Killers' Bruises—one of our 10 Essential Albums Of 2015—has produced a captivating trilogy...

  12. The 10 Essential Albums Of 2015

    AP's editor-types are the kind of folks who aren't necessarily ready to kill or be killed...