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All Entries Tagged: Gerard Way

  1. Here are nine of your favorite singers performing as kids/teens, from Hayley Williams to Billie Joe

  2. Gerard and Lindsey Way share how Chester Bennington changed their lives

    The music world was shocked by Chester Bennington's unexpected death last week, and Gerard Way...

  3. It’s official: Gerard Way’s ‘Umbrella Academy’ is coming to Netflix

    [Photo by: Facebook] Fans of Gerard Way's Umbrella Academy, it’s true: Way announced...

  4. Gerard Way’s ‘Umbrella Academy’ might be headed to Netflix

    Fans of Gerard Way's Umbrella Academy, it’s time to get excited: It might just...

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  6. Gerard Way releases special ‘Doom Patrol’ playlist

    With the release of Doom Patrol Vol. 1, Gerard Way has created a special Spotify playlist that perfectly captures...

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  8. See Brendon Urie, Gerard Way and more of your fave musicians’ high school pics

    [Photo by: Note To Scene Podcast/Facebook] A few days ago, it was a video of rapper Post...

  9. According to Gerard Way, a My Chemical Romance reunion could happen

    [Photo by: Neil Krug] In a sit down with Billboard, Gerard Way shared the best news we&rsquo...

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  12. Gerard Way contributing to inspirational ‘Femme Magnifique’ comic book anthology

    A Kickstarter has been launched for a 30 comic-book series called Femme Magnifique, which will salute women...