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All Entries Tagged: Green Day

  1. Vic Fuentes: A string quartet on Pierce The Veil’s Green Day cover was “a dream come true”

  2. Green Day have “a Machiavellian catalogue of sh*t” that will “all come out” at some point

    Green Day have a huge back catalogue of music that will eventually see the light of day, the...

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  4. All Time Low cover Green Day’s “Longview”—listen

    All Time Low are the next band to put their own twist on a Green Day classic. The...

  5. Hear Pierce The Veil cover Green Day’s “Coming Clean”

    As part of Green Day’s Green Day: The Early Years documentary, Pierce The Veil have shared...

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  7. Three ‘Dookie’-era Green Day demos have surfaced—listen

    Green Day Authority is reporting of three newly surfaced Green Day demos that seem to date back to...

  8. Green Day covers by Neck Deep, Bayside, Taking Back Sunday drop on Spotify

    It's hard to find a band in the scene that weren't inspired by Green Day, which...

  9. 20 musicians who make us want to dye our hair

  10. Green Day and Stephen Colbert sing “Camptown Races” version of “Good Riddance” and it’s amazing

    Stephen Colbert calls himself a "Green Bean," which he explains means that he's one of Green...

  11. Green Day talk early days: “Trying to get a gig was the hardest thing in the world”

    Spotify is producing a new documentary called Green Day: The Early Years, which looks back on the origins...

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