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  1. Former Woe, Is Me vocalist leaves new band

    Former Woe, Is Me vocalist Hance Alligood has stepped down as frontman of his new band, Favorite Weapon. ...

  2. Exclusive: Ex-Woe, Is Me vocalist starts new band, releases debut song

    Favorite Weapon, the new band featuring ex-Woe, Is Me vocalist Hance Alligood, have released their debut song, &ldquo...

  3. “Too many bands want to ‘skip’ the local band phase,” says former Woe, Is Me vocalist

    Former Woe, Is Me vocalist Hance Alligood wrote a blog post addressing today's lack of thriving...

  4. Hance Alligood (Woe, Is Me) releases Jason Derulo cover for free download

    Hance Alligood, one of the vocalists for Woe, Is Me, has released his rendition of Jason Derulo's ...

  5. Exclusive Interview: Woe, Is Me open up about Tyler Carter’s departure, new vocalist Hance Alligood