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  1. Horror movies make up the 10 most profitable films of the last five years, study says

    Horror movies may be the worst reviewed films of any genre and they typically aren't scary in...

  2. Here’s what ‘Up’ would look like as a sadistic, house-of-horrors movie

    Have you ever wondered what Up would look like as a horror movie? Probably not, but...

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  4. “I’ve always been pretty weird”–Meet the woman who made the coolest Danzig cake ever


  5. Gerard Way rearranges traditional folk song for upcoming horror film

    According to a tweet from director Kevin Smith, former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has recorded a...

  6. Video Premiere: The Creepshow, “The Devil’s Son”


  7. “I love that somebody’s job is finding new ways to murder people:” Scott Ian on Blood And Guts


  8. ‘World War Z’ movie poster released

    The poster for Brad Pitt's zombie-apocalypse flick is out, and if the phrase "zombie apocalypse" isn't...