Current Issue: #328 Mayday Parade

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  1. Brand New were in the studio last night

    Brand New were in their very own Black Site Studio last night, tracking new material. Doesn't...

  2. “This feels like the missing link record”—In The Studio with Atreyu


  3. “As we’ve been a band longer, we’ve gotten more progressive”—August Burns Red on their new album


  4. Alcoa (solo project of Defeater’s Derek Archambault) recording sophomore album

    Alcoa, the solo project of Defeater frontman Derek Archambault, are currently in the studio at The Office...

  5. Watch never-before-seen footage of My Chemical Romance recording their debut album

    Watch My Chemical Romance create their debut album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought...

  6. Brand New in the studio recording with Mike Sapone?

    According to a post from producer Mike Sapone on his Facebook page, it looks as though Brand New...

  7. Set It Off talk ‘Duality’—“What I’m encouraging with this record is show who you really are”


  8. “We like to use up every bit of time and sanity that we have.”—Pierce The Veil In The Studio


  9. Erra in the studio recording new EP

    Erra have announced that they are currently stationed at 456 Recordings in Nashville, TN, recording a brand new five-song...

  10. Cobra Starship working on new music

    After various Instagram posts over the last few days, it looks like Cobra Starship are back in the...

  11. In the studio with Stick To Your Guns: Part 2


  12. In the studio with Stick To Your Guns: Part 1