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All Entries Tagged: Jane Smith

  1. Decker (Belle Histoire’s Jane Smith) performs acoustic session

    Decker (featuring Belle Histoire frontwoman Jane Smith) has posted an acoustic session. You can view it below.

  2. Decker (Belle Histoire’s Jane Smith) announces debut EP, “Clean Hands”

    Decker (featuring Belle Histoire's Jane Smith) has announced their debut EP, Clean Hands. The EP will be...

  3. Decker (Jane of Belle Histoire) releases “Swing” video

    Decker (featuring Jane Smith of Belle Histoire) has released their music video for their song "Swing." You can...

  4. Jane Smith (Belle Histoire) auditions for ‘The Voice’

    Jane Smith, vocalist of Belle Histoire--one of our 100 Bands You Need To Know this year--auditioned on tonight's...

  5. Decker (Belle Histoire’s Jane Smith) releases debut song, “Swing”

    Decker, the new project of Belle Histoire--a 2013 AP 100 Bands You Need To Know artist--frontwoman Jane Smith, has...

  6. Jane Smith (Belle Histoire) to perform with Craig Owens on solo shows

    Craig Owens announced today that Jane Smith of Belle Histoire will be playing with him on his upcoming...