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All Entries Tagged: Jeffree-star-cosmetics

  1. 10 alt beauty brands perfect for when you need a little edge

  2. People are apparently eating Jeffree Star’s lip scrub

    [Photo credit: Twitter/Graham Fielder] The various flavors of Jeffree Star Cosmetics' lip scrub are reportedly so good...

  3. Get an inside look of AP’s new product, The Box, with APTV’s Tori Kravitz

    APTV Orlando Correspondent Tori Kravitz is taking you through an exclusive tour of AP's new product: The...

  4. The Box launches with exclusive mini-mag featuring Melanie Martinez

    Alternative Press is excited to announce our new product line: The Box by Alternative Press! Each version of...

  5. Jule Vera’s Ansley Newman takes us step-by-step through a Jeffree Star cosmetics makeup routine

    The beautiful Ansley Newman of Jule Vera is taking us step-by-step through a gorgeous makeup routine, fueled by...