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  1. Apple Music is making you choose between leaks and your music library

  2. Jesse Cannon releases 2015 edition of ‘Get More Fans’ book

    Record producer, music industry guru, and Alt Press contributor, Jesse Cannon has released the 2015 updated edition of his...

  3. How CDs Keep Clinging On To Life

  4. Jesse Cannon hosting audio mixing lecture from Feb. 12-14

    Jesse Cannon will head a three-day audio mixing lecture this week at CreativeLIVE, the same...

  5. Jesse Cannon hosting audio mastering lecture this Tuesday and Wednesday

    Jesse Cannon will host a two-day audio mastering lecture this week at CreativeLIVE, the same people who brought...

  6. Jesse Cannon releases new book, ‘Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The Music Business’

    Producer, engineer, blogger and now officially an author, Jesse Cannon has released the text adaptation of his ...

  7. In The Studio: Man Overboard