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  1. ‘True Trans With Laura Jane Grace’ nominated for Emmy Award

    As you may know, Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace has a web series on AOL called True...

  2. APTV Acoustic Session: Laura Jane Grace - “True Trans Soul Rebel”


  3. AP Session: frnkiero andthe cellabration and Laura Jane Grace cover John Lennon’s “Instant Karma!”


  4. Laura Jane Grace talks about transition, family and suicide attempt on podcast

    Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace guested on the latest episode of Marc Maron's WTF podcast, which...

  5. The lost gallery: 47 stunning APMAs photos you’ve never seen


  6. Laura Jane Grace announces solo shows

    Against Me! founder/vocalist Laura Jane Grace has announced that she will perform two solo shows in...

  7. “Plot holes the size of Buicks”—Laura Jane Grace on the worst romance movie ever


  8. Watch the final three episodes of Laura Jane Grace’s ‘True Trans’

    The final three episodes of Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace’s docu-series, True Trans, premiered recently...

  9. “I have the chance to educate you”—Laura Jane Grace on ‘True Trans’ and misconceptions


  10. “The most relevant politics are what you know personally”—Laura Jane Grace on future Against Me!


  11. Watch Laura Jane Grace’s new series, ‘True Trans’

    The first four episodes of Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace’s new series, True Trans, premiered...

  12. Rumored new Slipknot drummer called “s**tbag” by Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace

    Heavy rumors (and images to back it up) have been circulating that Max Weinberg’s son, Jay...