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All Entries Tagged: Marilyn-manson

  1. 11 times bands changed their original song lyrics

  2. Watch Marilyn Manson star as a hitman in unsettling new ‘Let Me Make You A Martyr’ trailer

    A new, cryptic and downright unsettling trailer has been released for Let Me Make You A Martyr,...

  3. Marilyn Manson finishes new album, shares new title

    Marilyn Manson confirmed in a recent interview that he has finished his new album, and he tells FabulousTV...

  4. Here’s rapper Lil Uzi Vert’s new Marilyn Manson chain, reportedly worth $220,000

    [Photo credit: Ben Baller Instagram] It may seem unexpected, but rapper Lil Uzi Vert loves Marilyn Manson. So...

  5. Marilyn Manson shares spooky teasers in run-up to ‘SAY10’

    [Photo Credit: Nicholas Alan Cope] Marilyn Manson has been posting a set of cryptic Instagram teasers likely related...

  6. Katy Perry once protested at a Marilyn Manson concert

    If you weren't aware, pop star Katy Perry was raised in an extremely religious household. So much...

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  8. Watch teens react to Marilyn Manson, laugh your a** off

    Fine Brothers Entertainment has brought us yet another compilation of teenage reactions. The topic of choice this time:...

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  12. Marilyn Manson beheads Donald Trump in NSFW ‘Say10’ music video—watch

    Marilyn Manson has been a long-time showman, and his artistry has been received in a number of ways...